We carry most essential products for babies and kids and will continuously increase our catalog
Most of our products will arrive to you within 7 days. The ones International shipped products can take up to 2 weeks
Debit and Credit cards are accepted, right long with other alternative such as google pay.
Please reference to https://babymegamall.com/pages/return-refund-policy You can also return your item by going on https://babymegamall.myreturnscenter.com/ and enter your order number and email.
The tracking number is sent to your email with the order confirmation.
If for any reason you need to speak with someone all you have to do is go on the contact page and write a brief message of the situation and your contact information. You will get a response within 48 hours
Yes, we offer free shipping domestic and international for each item.
Here at Baby Mega Mall, you can create a registry not only for Baby Showers, but for Birthdays and Holidays as well.
We will make sure that you get the best deals that we have to offer, making you the first to be able to take advantage of all sales that we have available. There are also special sales for subscribers only.
Yes, we do and soon independent baby product suppliers will be able to contact us directly for placement on the website.